India Cruise Tourism

  • Only the Caribbean and the Mediterranean aren't made for cruising. There are several other great destinations to enjoy sailing and cruising tours. One of them is – the Indian Subcontinent. In India alone, there are such places that you would love exploring in a cruise ship, yacht or houseboat. If you're headed to southern India, you can plan exciting sailing and cruising holidays across the length and breadth of Kerala, famously known as the 'Land of Backwaters'.

  • A houseboat cruise along the coconut palm-fringed backwaters will simply take your breath away. During your houseboat sailing tour in Kerala, you'll love soaking up the splendid views of mangrove forests, coconut woods, beautiful beaches, historical buildings etc. Moreover, you'll experience the lovable countryside lifestyle.

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The Historic Hugli Upstream

Sail on the beautiful Bengal cruise on Hugli river and enjoy visiting beautiful villages, countryside...
08 Days

India Cruise Tourism Reviews

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    from China - 16 July, 2018

    "I have always travelled to places either through buses, trains of aeroplanes. This has been my first time witnessing the places through cruise. Max Holidays has made my first experience on cruise a best and a memorable one. I enjoyed the breakfast that I had on- board. Each and every experience that I had there was a different one! "

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    from Rome 5 May, 2018

    "The main thing that I loved about the Max Holidays that this trip of mine was not only confined to travelling on cruise. Apart from this, they were letting me hop onto the cycle rickshaws with an intention of travelling the ancient temples in the streets of Kalna. India is a beautiful place indeed! I shall visit here again. "

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    from Belgium - 20 May, 2018

    "While being on my journey, I came across some people, each and every one of them talked to me so politely. During my journey, I remember an old lady saying me something in her language. When she was gone, I asked the guide about its meaning and he told me that it means “You are beautiful”. "