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What is big in the news ?

We are excited to unveil the new bold look for the brand identity of Max Holidays. The new and bold look will also change the look of our websites, social media sites, emails, business directories, mobile apps, stationary etc. Max Holidays is all about serving travelers with maximum satisfaction in its great journeys designed by its friendly and dedicated team support that offers up standard services which goes beyond expectations of the customers. As we look a little more vibrant and bold now in our new brand identity the clients can be rest assured for even better service experience and more fun every time they book a holiday with us.

Why the change?

Our old logo is the one on the left and the new logo is placed in the right side below. With the logo the box with alphabet 'M' is the latest updated favicon of Max Holidays. In the favicon the alphabet 'M' is for Max Holidays and does not carry any other idea or meaning in the favicon. The old logo of Max Holidays though is already popular and carries great trust of the customer of company as a brand; but since 2014 we wanted to change the logo to make it even trendier' so here we are with a very fresh and catchy look. The new logo below with the eagle and the catchy tagline 'great journeys, beyond expectations' describes that for us sky is the limit when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

Do the new brand look has a new meaning?

Though the meaning of the logo and favicon of Max Holidays has not changed with the colour and look, but we have ensured that the new look and tagline describes our hard work and sentiments we are putting while designing your travel plans. With the old punch line 'the journey of a lifetime' to now the new punch line 'great journeys, beyond expectations' we convey to our customers that we have been organizing lifetime travel experiences which are addressed by our valued customers as great journeys which surpass their expectations.

As Max Holidays brand identity is changing, is there any change in the work culture also?

The all new look of the logo of Max Holidays highlights only the uniqueness in our ideas and standard of services. We have not changed the culture. We are a customer focus organization and our motto has always been to earn satisfied customers. The new design with new colours shows our passion, dedication and limitlessness in the holiday ideas we have to offer to our customers.

What does the new look and colour of Max Holidays represents?

The red colour of MAX represents the colour of passion and love we are putting in while designing holidays for discerning travelers, which in the end leads to a successful and memorable travel experience. The black colour of HOLIDAYS represents security for trust of our customers and great efficiency of our team. The bird (eagle) with the logo flying upwards to the sky represents the limitlessness of our passion and professional approach to organize unique holidays and also continuous growth of the organization.